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Who are we
The Website is property of Dfass Limited, Inc. (hereinafter "DFASS") a legally incorporated company under the laws of the State of Florida, domiciled in 555 NE 185th Street, Suite 101, in the city of Miami Florida 33179 USA.
The Reserves applicable terms and conditions are presented hereafter, through the Website, property of DFASS.


On board Reserves
The on board Reserve service is available only for Avianca Holding S.A, Aerovías del Continente Americano S.A. AVIANCA, Líneas Aéreas Costarricenses LACSA y Trans American Airlines S.A. (hereinafter "Avianca") international flights, where the on board sales service is available. The Duty Free Reserve service is subjected to operational on board conditions. It is possible that this service may not be offered in some flights.

The on board Reserve service starts with the product pre-selection by the Avianca passengers from the  Buy On Board goods catalog disposed in the Website and the following submission of the information of the corresponding flight.

The product pre-selection by the passengers through the Website shall not constitute the goods sale & purchase contract formation (see "Sale & Purchase Contract Formation").  The pre-selection shall only be understood by DFASS as the passenger's intentions to buy the products, which will imply that DFASS prepares and shifts the pre-selected goods to the corresponding airplane in accordance to the data provided by the passenger, for its subsequent on board sale.

It is sole responsibility of each passenger to enter products to the country, in accordance with the applicable custom regulations at the moment of the entering to the destination country.


Sale & Purchase Contract Formation
The sale & purchase contract will be formed at the moment in which the passenger receives the product on board and pays the cost of said product.
During the course of the Avianca flight, when the airplane is flying over international airspace, the passengers that pre-selected the shifted products will be reached by the sales representatives whom will show the pre-selected product to the passenger, in order for said passenger to decide in that moment, whether he or she wants to purchase the product or not.

If the passenger wants to make the purchase, the delivery and payment will proceed and shall mean that the contract is formed in that moment.  If the passenger decides to not make the purchase or, if by any circumstance the operation cannot be carried out on board, the parties understand and acknowledge that the contract has not been formed and therefore, no obligation or liability will be generated neither for DFASS, nor for the passenger.

Remember that the products, as well as the prices listed in the Website, are published for informational purposes only. Neither the price or product publication, nor the pre-selection of said products in the Website by the passenger, constitute a binding offer or contract or any contract promise and does not generate contractual obligations to any of the parties.
The pre-selection of the product does not generate any obligation for the passenger.


The authorized means of payment are:

Airline: Aerogal

  • Credit Card: Visa, American Express, Dinners Club, Master Card
  • Cash: American Dollars


Airline Avianca

  • Credit Card: Visa, American Express, Dinners Club, Master Card
  • Cash: Colombian Pesos, Euros, Sterling Pounds, American Dollars


Airline: LACSA

  • Credit Card: Visa, American Express, Dinners Club, Master Card
  • Cash: American Dollars


Airline: TACA

  • Credit Card: Visa, American Express, Dinners Club, Master Card
  • Cash: American Dollars


For information purposes, the Reserve is expressed in American Dollars. If the on board sale is held in a currency different that the one chosen by the consumer, the rate of exchange determined by the IATA shall apply for the date of the on board sale.

The data that you provide on the Website, is exclusively used by DFASS with the purpose of making the Reserve and pre-selection of the products effective to offer them on board. DFASS will give the corresponding treatment to the information that the passenger provides us, in accordance with its privacy policies, and with the exclusive purpose of Reserveing and pre-selecting the products. Through personal data supply to make the product pre-selection, it is understood that the passenger authorizes DFASS the treatment of the personal data for the purposes established in its privacy policies.

The payment will take place on board when the airplane is flying over international airspace.


Product Delivery
The product delivery will be carried out immediately after the payment, when the airplane is flying over international airspace.


Inspection and full satisfaction with the product
It is an obligation of the passenger to verify that the delivered product matches, in all its characteristics, the pre-selected product. Once the payment has being made, that parties understand that the consumer has carried out the corresponding checking and has received the product to their full satisfaction.


The guarantee that every product will match the one indicated in the package by the producer or in the documents delivered with the product, or in any case, the legal applicable guarantee according to the acquired product.

To expedite the claiming process for guarantee effectiveness, we recommend filing the claim directly to the manufacturer of the product.

Avianca will not be responsible to satisfy effectiveness guarantee claims, nor is it binded to guaranty the effectiveness of said guarantee.

If the passenger wishes to submit the guarantee claim directly to DFASS, he or she shall send an email to  servicioalclientebog@retaillatam.com , or reach us by phone in Bogotá to 571-4237770, Ext. 4366 from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. By this means, the passenger shall state i) date of purchase, ii) origin, destination and number of flight in which the purchase was held and iii) the reasons for the dissatisfaction.

The guarantee of any product will be subjected to a technical diagnosis, for which it will be necessary that the passenger sends the product subjected to the claim to the following address 555 Ne 185st St, Miami Fl 33179. The shifting cost will be reimbursed by DFASS in case that the guarantee claim is decided in favor of the passenger. 

In case that the guarantee claim is decided in favor of the purchaser, DFASS will proceed to the payment reimbursement or the product replacement, at the purchaser's choice, as indicated in the following:


Payment reimbursement:
The payment reimbursement will be carried out through bank transference to the number account that the passenger provides for such effect. The passenger shall be the holder of the bank account provided for such effects.


Product replacement:
DFASS will send the new product to the passenger's domicile through a Courier.


How much time in advance should I make the Reserve?
In order to guarantee an efficient provision of services, the product pre-selection in our Website shall be made, at the latest, 72 hours prior the Flight.


What is the maximum amount for on board purchases?
On board purchases shall have a maximum amount of USD$305 with credit card per passenger, and in cash, the value and product limit allowed by the origin country.


What are the limits for available products in online Reserves?
The limits for available products in online Reserves shall be subjected to: (i) applicable regulations in the flight's origin country for which the products are reserved; (ii) space conditions/limitations; and (iii) logistic conditions/limitations.


Product availability and price change.
The product prices and descriptions listed in the Website, are published with exclusively informative purposes. 

Nor the product availability indication in neither the Website, nor the prices listed in said Website, represent a binding commercial offer, nor does obligate DFASS to maintain them. DFASS reserves the right to modify the published prices before the products are pre-selected, as well as discontinue certain products or presentations of said products without prior notice.

DFASS reserves the right to change, limit, or offer sales or special offers at any time, which will not affect the product delivery that has been pre-selected during the validity of said sales.


What happens if the passenger does not board the flight
The parties acknowledge that in case the passenger, for any circumstance, does not board the flight in which the purchase of the pre-selected product was to be held, it will not be possible to carry out the sale & purchase operation, without implying contractual non-compliance or that DFASS or Avianca liability is compromised.


What happens if the product is not available during the flight?
Exceptional circumstances such as change of itinerary, staff rotation, flight delays, or any other operative situation or technical difficulties, may affect the availability of certain on board products.

The parties acknowledges that in case the product, for any circumstance, is not available during the flight, the sale & purchase will not be possible to carry out, without that implying contractual non-compliance or that DFASS or Avianca liability is compromised.


What happens if the passenger forgets the product on the airplane?
The passenger product purchaser will be the sole responsible for the proper care and custody of said products since the moment the acquired merchandise is delivered from the salesperson on board the Avianca flight. Therefore, nor DFASS nor Avianca are responsible for the products that the passenger forgets in the airplane. 


Callback right
The on board sales operation are not sales by financing system, shared time sales, remote sales or non-traditional means sales. Therefore, the parties recognize that the callback right provided in the applicable norms, does not apply for the effects in the on board sales operations held between DFASS and the passengers.


General dispositions:


Further information
In case further information is required and for any complaint or claim effect over the products, the contract conclusion or compliance, you may send your complaints in written form to the following email: servicioalclientebog@retaillatam.com


Website uses
The Website may be used for revision, consultation and pre-selection of the products exhibit in said Website, as well as to consult the use and characteristics information in the exhibited products. The information published in the Website cannot be subjected to commercialization, modification, distortion or copy. 

The information registered in the Website by the user shall be truthful, complete and sufficient. 

Any type of phishing or provision of untruthful information or that does not correspond to the person using the Website is forbidden.  
Remember that the on board purchase service may only be used by people over the age of 18 years.


Privacy Policy
The users shall read the privacy policies and data protection. This policy is applicable to all users and purchasers of the Website.


Copyrights and Trademarks
Copyrights and trademarks over the brands included in each and every part of the Website are and will continue to be property of DFASS. You do not acquire any type of ownership over protectable subject matter through the Website intellectual property right. In case that a non-authorized use of the Website is conducted, any relationship or DFASS legal bind will be terminated with the offender, and the entrance to the Website in the future will be forbidden.

DFASS distinctive signs shall not be used in any form to cause confusion among the consumers or that might underestimate or discredit DFASS good name or reputation, nor in connection with any service or product that has not been sponsored, approved or produced by DFASS. The trademarks that may appear in the Website and do not belong to DFASS, are third parties' property, to which DFASS shall request express and written permission to be used.


Terms and condition modification
DFASS reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions hereby, prior notice of said modification in its Website. Said changes shall apply for natural and legal person that may not have carried out a prior product pre-selection before the modification.